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Alkaline Batteries

Full of Energy and highly versatile
AgfaPhoto Alkaline Batteries
AA, AAA, C, D, E
AgfaPhoto Alkaline batteries are exceedingly long-living
and mainly used in equiment with high electric power consumption.
They correspond to the newest available technology.
To be optimally used for portable equipment of each kind, PDAs, toys and alarm-clocks.
Special Characteristics:
High endurance
Maximum security
Maximum liability
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Economic and Environmental friendly
AgfaPhoto Direct Energy Rechargeable
AgfaPhoto Direct Energy connects all advantages of an accu with the preferences of a battery
(instant availability, long shelf-life). The combination of advantages makes AGFAPhoto Direct Energy
an indispensable component of your product range.
Special Characteristics: can be used immediately | low self-discharge |
environmentally sound, because rechargeable up to 750 times | cost-efficient |
universal (no special charger necessary) | high performance
AgfaPhoto NiMh Accus
The right choice for the price-conscious and ecology-minded customer.
For consumer imaging products with high power consumption.
Special Characteristics:
Modern technology | Eco-friendly | Particularly suitable for equipment
with high electric power consumption | Rechargeable up to 1,000 times
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Lithium Batteries

AgfaPhoto Lithium Batteries
CR2 and CR123a
The powerful AgfaPhoto lithium batteries supply eg. digital and analogue cameras
extra power capacity, while they discharge themselves only insignificantly.
AgfaPhoto photoelectronic batteries even fulfill the highest quality demands.
They are not only suitable for the use in different equipment,
but also for ambitious application in photography.
The photoelectronic batteries AgfaPhoto also cope with high performance requirements.
Special Characteristics:
Maximum liability
Extremely high security
Excellently constant voltage release,
also at low temperatures (down to -40 °C)
Extraordinary activity at room temperature
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Compact and Space saving
AgfaPhoto AccuCharger plus
The favorable charger for overnight charge of AA and AAA Accus.
Content of Blister Pack: AgfaPhoto AccuCharger plus, 220 V |
2 pieces of AgfaPhoto NiMh accus, AA, 2.700 mAh
Special Characteristics: start at low-price into the eco-friendly world of accus |
charge of 2 or 4 accus of AA or AAA size |
suitable for NiMh und NiCd accus
AgfaPhoto TurboCharger plus
Charge your AgfaPhoto NiMh or NiCd accus within only one hour!
Content of Blister Pack:
AgfaPhoto TurboCharger plus | 12 V battery charger leads |
4 pieces of AgfaPhoto NiMh accus, AA, 2.700 mAh
Special Characteristics: speedy charging of 2 or 4 cells AA oder AAA |
controlled by micro-processor | suitable for NiMh and NiCd | overcharge protection |
inverse polarity protection | protection against overheating | automatic switch-over to
trickle charge | detection of damaged accus | charge current:AA: 1.400 mAh, AAA: 700 mAh |
power supply 100 V up to 240 V | CE and GS approved
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