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Mobile energy for all situations in life!

Mobile energy for numerous devices and applications – powerful, universal and in best quality

Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly!


AgfaPhoto Direct Energy

AgfaPhoto Direct Energy combines all the advantages of the rechargeable battery (environmental friendliness, low-cost use since it can be recharged up to 1,000 times) with the advantages of a standard alkaline battery (immediate availability, long shelf life).


AgfaPhoto NiMh Akkus

The right choice for the cost and environmentally conscious customer.
Especially suitable for devices with high power consumption such as flash units.

Alkaline batteries

Versatile in use!


AA, AAA, C, D, E
AgfaPhoto alkaline batteries are characterized by the best performance values, last particularly long and are used primarily in devices with high power consumption.

Lithium batteries

Top quality with marathon power!


AgfaPhoto Lithium Batterien

The powerful AgfaPhoto lithium batteries deliver maximum performance and capacity with extremely low self-discharge. They meet the highest quality requirements and are excellently suited for demanding use in photography projects.

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